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~hr hr HÆʮ~
(Now for the groans..)
Before you ask, YES, you can only eat, burn or keep the item.
Anyway - INTRO -...
This game is simple. You have to look at the item that the person above you has posted, then you have to post whether you will eat it, burn it or keep it!
Once you have ate it, burnt it, or kept it, you say a new item!
Player 1: D chain
Player 2: Burn
Bronze Dagger
Player 3: Eat it!
Half Wine
Player 4: Keep it!
And so on...

Other Thread News:
My first SIX threads reached the 2,000 post limit, so thanks to all posters!
I hope this one will prove to be just as successful.
Eat It, Burn It or Keep it?
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I'll start off with ---
A trimmed Summoning Skillcape!

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burn it
a dead lobster? (that's what you get when you burn the lobster)
...**,..**.P Rd...**...,**....

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