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mr wcer 96

mr wcer 96

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Seeing as the Chain Reaction thread has maxed out, I thought I would continue it here. All rights go to the OP and if he wants to come back then he may take back his rightfully owned thread.

Rules posted from OP of thread:
"Everyone has to type 2 words.
Your first word is my last word and you follow up like that.
words like charger and blower may be changed to the -ing form.

For example,
"French bread,"
"Bread pudding,"
"Pudding cake."

----- I shall start --- :)"

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21-Nov-2015 03:50:14

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The owner of the thread is active in the forums, although not so active in Forum Games.

Since he is still active, please be courteous and give him some time to decide if he wished to remake the thread. I see that the first version hasn't even been maxxed for a day - which hasn't really given him any time at all.
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21-Nov-2015 04:54:07

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