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The game itself just involves asking questions. In simple terms it is about getting to know different things and peoples opinions. Reading interesting things that you did not know about someone on the forums. There are many different possible questions.

How it works:

1: The player asks a question.
2: The next player answers the question, giving as much detail as they wish in response.
3: That player then asks a different question, which the next player gets to answer.


Make sure any questions asked are appropriate in terms of the rules of Runescape.
No politics, religious or racial questions.
No news related questions.
No flaming people.

Here the first question to start this off.

What person would you trade places with for a day if you could and why?
"Day 31: I finally succeeded in my time reversal experiment!
"Day 30: I might have a problem here."

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Manu Rios, people say I look like him so I wanna see it I can put that to the test haha ^_^

What would you do if you had one millions dollars?
mon cœur va être à milan ^_^

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If I could be anyone for a day, I would be Michael Bublé. His singing is amazing.

What is one dream that you've had that you wish could become reality?
...and most importantly...

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That dream would be: Doing my dream job:ethical hacking.

would you rather have a good paying job or a job you like but pays minimum?
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