When I was a noob...

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Post what you thought or did as a noob. This can also be the way things were, trading, prices, items, skills, etc. I'll give you my example:
When I was a noob, I didn't know you could store items in your bank. When I accidentally clicked on an item while in my bank and stored it, I realized you could. I started shouting to everyone in the bank, "Omg everyone!!! You can store items!!!!!!" Some people laughed at me and I realized I wasn't the first person to figure this out as I had hoped.
That's my noob story. What's yours?

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Master V65

Master V65

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I didn't know that you could turn items into notes via bank and I tried to make money mining rune essense, so once I got tons of rune essense I sold it at g.e. 28 at a time.And then a few days later someone showed me 2 noted rune hatchets and I said "omg how did you get all that!??!?!"

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The Mad Poet

The Mad Poet

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lol when i was a noob i didn't know you could switch on how you attack and so i always trained attack and i was like how the heck do i train strength and defence!?! lol
- vader10999
same here lol
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CL Moneybags

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When I was a noob I spent my first four months of Runescape in the blue moon inn thinking the game was a chat room and drinking beer gave exp...True story

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