Bronze dagger nox scythe stats

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id also like to have bronze armour with stats of t92 armours. (by armours i mean all 3 combat styles)

oh and spinning flax is now 1m xp hour

its unfair. i want to the play the game the way i want. not the way it was intended and i feel violated and insulted jagex wont allow me to.
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scousy said:
Hello. Can we make the bronze dagger have nox scythe stats? Not all of us want to use expensive weapons to complete all pvm content. Thanks.
You can already do this with keepsakes. Though, you can't use a 1h keepsake over a 2h keepsake.

SereneSteel said:
Not gonna lie, I'd love to use a bronze dagger override on all my weapons.
Nobody is stopping you, but you will have to use a bronze 2h or the override won't take effect.

As for the general idea of this suggestion, not going to happen. It doesn't help that OP isn't even a member, but it might just be an alt.
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