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Say someone buys a runefest pack for a friend and that friend gives the other friend money for say food and everything els at runefest is the terms for real world trade as you cant contradict said transaction but it is ultimately against the rules if proven by friend a would they both be banned right thats just a point of a problem is see with what you set up with your real world trade policy that can be abused by all your rules then if someone where to take afriends case as a point of reference and how the point such vague information can persuade your judgement you would be forced to banned said players on the spot or have it splattered all over redit ultimately turning this little controversial touch into something that forces your hand into action in the legal sense ive yet to see it be addressed but clearly you people are so on top of it banning me solved so much even tho i warned you but now i seen a few implementations from information i shared theres no rules Agilent sharing legal advice for someone to get a advantage now is there

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When Jagex chooses to ban or mute an account, the onus of proof is on them. They won't simply ban you from the game because someone claims you did something; that's not how it works.

Still, I'd suggest you read through the Terms and Conditions (the link is in the webpage footer) and Rules of RuneScape before heading over to the Support Centre if you still feel the action taken against your account is unfair.

There really isn't much of anything that can be done through the forums; account issues are entirely between you and Jagex. Whether or not you believe you've found a loophole, controversy, or issue with the rules isn't really relevant to your unique case. As your account belongs to Jagex, they have the right to suspend it as they see fit -- though again, they will not do so unless you have violated their Terms and Conditions in some way.

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