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i'm going straight into this, the loot share system is weird. it's one of the major components of the game that allows players to PVM with strangers and large groups of friends in order to split loot and see the drops accordingly.

this system is seldom talked about because we've all just accepted it as it currently is, there have been tweaks here and there to the system, however it could use to love and attention.

first change -
the player uses the system to earn "LSP" which is their loot share potential. The total amount of lsp will help determine how drops are divided among players in a friends chat or group chat while using the lootshare system.
I would love to see this updated so that your lsp is determined each instance/encounter (if the player is out of combat for 10 minutes then their lsp fades away) rather than a cumulative build up over time. this would mean that if a player joins a group to do nex, kalphite king, etc that the drops wouldn't be given to one player who has spent the last 30 days camping a nex aod mass.

second change -
LSP Dropoff of 10% per day, this was confirmed by Mod Emilee in 2009, however i can't find any other reference in my 2 minute google search to see if this is still the current degradation of LSP.
if the first change takes effect then the 10% drop off would be easily changed over to a time fade where over 10 minutes the players LSP would drop 10% for each minute they are not in combat. this way even if a player needs to rebank/restock to return to an encounter they could still get back before their LSP fades away to 0.
this would also help new groups forming ensure that everyone is starting the instance out at the same amount of LSP so that no one player would have an advantage over the other.

continued on next post

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third change -

contribution bonuses. to ensure that players aren't just enjoying the free drops that come with instance/encounter based lsp build up, there could be bonus lsp buildup for the player that does the most damage and if a player exceed the % of health that would be required across the board to kill the monster that could earn them more lsp as well.

so if there were 5 players killing a monster with 100,000hp they would each need to deal 20,000 each. however if a player deals over 20% of the total damage that would be their "fair share" of damage then they could be rewarded the upward % as lsp off of the drop received.

so if the drop is worth 1,000,000 and they dealt 27% damage when they would have only needed 20% the 7% of the overall drop would be added onto their lsp.

so they would have already received 250,000 lsp value (4 players receiving lsp as the fifth player received the drop) and then they would earn an additional 70,000 lsp for that drop totaling 320,000 lsp gained.

there would be no drop-off from players who under performed as they are already missing out on the additional reward of more lsp points.

this would also have a cap out of 15% which means if one player does 90% of the damage to the monster they would only receive an extra 15% value of that specific drop added onto their standard lsp points received.


let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

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So the first two points seem to primarily be about making the playing field more even and fair. When three people group up to fight something, it doesn't take into account their luck with other people, it's only important that one instance together.

I can totally understand your point, and it's well made pointing out how much LSP you are likely to get from doing a big mass bossing trip, which you could then go duos with someone and get every drop.

At the same time I feel like the overall satisfaction of players is increased by retaining LSP longer. If you have been having a really rough week for drops in the current system, the system is in your favour trying to help you get back on your feet. In your proposed new system, you would have the same advantage as someone who has been getting lucky all week, just so long as neither of you were fighting in the last 10 minutes.

I hope I managed to make my points clearly enough but I respect that you have some good points too.

07-Jan-2019 01:32:27

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