Ironmen Mining&Smithing Rework

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This update has effective nullified many hours of gathering and resource collection that I've put into my account. Rune exp/hr without (+3)s is currently 20k/hr. I was hearing from multiple sources that previous existing materials would still be useful and that you should keep them and not rush to waste them all. I'm pretty frustrated there wasn't better transparency from the Dev side of things, because all I had to go off of was videos posted to YouTube of the beta, and I couldn't find a single one on anything lower-levelled. Now I have a bunch of time consuming, terrible exp sitting in my bank that I'd rather drop than be bothered to use. With that being said, if there's anything in this rework that can put Mithril-Rune to good use without being 99 Smithing, please, let me know. Am I dead yet?

08-Jan-2019 13:48:09

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