Possible Pet Insurance Bug?

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So lastnight at 110 kc at Thermonuclear Smoke Devils I got the pet and pet message, had it following me and went to the pet insurer to make sure I keep my child. Later on I died to a thermo not knowing my pet would be gone, so I procrastinated to spend my 1mil on getting him back. A few trips later (around 180kc EDIT:190kc checked after the post) I get another message saying it feels like I'm being followed. With excitement I go back to the pet shot in Ardougne and find out now it says theres no pet to reclaim. Confused, I checked my bank to see if a pet is there. Then I checked to see if I could get my new smoke devil insured, but it said the pet was already insured though it was a different smoke devil following me. I was wondering if this is a bug and if this is something I should contact Jagex about, as I feel like I have earned an extra smoke devil in my bank. Any takes on what this could be would be greatly appreciated and thanks to all who have taken the time to read this.

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It's not a bug, it's intended to be that way as an alternative method of re-obtaining it if you don't want to pay the reclaim fee, or cannot do so. Even if you have the pet currently, you can still roll for the pet, and it'd say the pet would've followed you (had you not already had it).
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