Mining and Smithing rework

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To get this started I want to say a few things real quick.

First I have been exploring this update for around 10 hours now
Second it is really late for me so I won't make this a pretty looking thread
Third I have been through ironman and mainscape content
Last but not least I love exploring the content that is released and really enjoy a lot of the content in the game.

Finally to begin

I regret to say that I did not participate in the beta for this rework and didnt look into it simply because a lot of update get "shelved" and dont release or get pushed back (bank rework). This was also not an update I feel (based on friends and people I talked to in-game) was wanted by the community. However I do agree that it was a needed update.

Mining and smithing was outdated and kind of stale compared to most of the other game content. The system was old and not very fun. The items.... you already know all this bit.

The update was at an awkward time for my ironman so I was swamped to do what I could to prepare when I heard it was actually going to release. Dispite that, I think the update was very solid with what I have experienced.

The lavaflow mine was fixed so rng isnt horrible there (I spent 18hrs w/o a nymph and gave up) however I did find a huge bug that I reported (potentially game breaking imo). Rocks staying around is amazing for people collecting ore and mining is actually kind of fun now. I honestly enjoy the mining bit more than I should. Rocks are all over the place and its not too difficult to get to any of them making it not so hard to get. Geodes are a really neat feature I find better than getting random gems while mining. The new pickaxe system is a little odd but I find it kind of interesting (hate and love the aug pick). I love the fact that players have to experience more kinds of dead content like the lavaflow mines and finding new uses for that is amazing!

Mining is now new, simple and enjoyable!


Wait let me retry that. Smithing..

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Smithing is.... well an interesting part of the update.

I feel like compared to the mining bit. Smithing is very stale and unenjoyable. The smithing part of the update is over complicated, time consuming and boring.

I love the fact that there is an "metal bank" its a huge part for ironmen that really helps! The dung item to let you afk a little more is nice. being able to make more than just 14 bits of jewelry is a god send! The ore box.. Let me just say.. I love this part of smithing so much, it compliments mining to a huge degree and I am so grateful this is a thing!

However I dont feel a connection to smithing like I do mining.

I feel the xp gained isnt that good unless youre working with the higher tier elder rune (more on that in a bit) the items needed for masterwork I feel like the make sense to a degree, but at the same time I do feel like its a bit much in a sense. The forge is okay and a neat idea, but it does not work well with the dung item (although I do understand why it is the way it is).

Smithing feels bulky because of the amount of mining required to do the higher tiered things and then the time it takes to smith is insane. Making Elder Rune body. Then +1. Then +2. Then.... well keep going to +5. To a degree it makes sense but overall its unnecessary. On top of that the bars it takes is a little over the top.

I feel very little is explained within the game about smithing, a lot of the information comes from outside sources and people who have run in circles trying to figure it out. Mining is self explanatory, you hit a rock and get it. Smithing has a lot more complexity to it. Unless you did the beta or read the lengthy wiki in depth then youre on your own.


Now that I have said basic thoughts, what I liked and didnt like about the update.

What I think could be really helpful is a little adjustment of smithing and with the mining.. well thats so well done I dont think much if anything can be done with that!

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I dont know if its game breaking to make smithing more user friendly by adjusting the Smithing Autoheater to do a little more with the heating bit. I think going from 1/4 to 3/4 is decent. You can afk more and actually get an alright amount of xp along with it. Maybe thats too much but I hate seeing it hit 0 because I forgot to click, then only get 1/4th the bar.

When clicking on the forge to increase heat. Maybe its set up to avoid people afking the skill? But making it so when you are at max heat, the player then begins to auto smith the bar? I think that would be pretty cool. I stood there, because lag or my click wasnt registered, for maybe 5 minutes before I realized I wasnt doing anything (yes I was partially afk. I was reading about how to actually get somewhere with smithing from wiki).

Making a +5 anything without starting from base and going up the tiers would be a much thanked update due to the insane amount of time it takes to even start to get the xp. Even if you wanted to make it take a little longer than going from +3 to +5, or anything really. But doing them separate is rather bothersome. On this note also. The time it takes when keeping the heat above 3/4ths is actually just not fun. Watching the heat dip then instantly filling makes me not want to smith ever again (and I intended on getting 200m all skills eventually partly because I want to achieve every bit of content the game has to offer and yes I have every skilling outfit I can get on my ironman.... yes I have done everything I possibly can and love it).

Masterwork costing 600 of every bar makes sense. you want to find a use for the unused parts from level 1-50. I understand the desire for this. However I think this could be done a little different maybe allow ore boxes to empty into a deposit box? has the low tier ore is very fast to mine and a lot of locations are closer to a deposit box than to a bank. This could be considered a mining problem but I feel as though it falls into smithing

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The reason I feel it falls into smithing (not because its made with smithing), is due to the fact that I dont mind the need to use bronze bars. It is annoying to smith level 1 bars for this on an ironman as the xp is.... well level 1.. and the time it takes to smith 600 bronze bars to get to masterwork is just nutty.

The smithing outfit costing 50% rep is a little much. in the 10-11 hours ive played this update a large portion was smithing and I made an Elder Rune Body+5 in what felt like an eternity. and I didnt feel like I was getting much if any respect until I finished the item its self. I guess I lied earlier when I said I had every skilling outfit. This is the only one I was unable to get due to ceremonial swords not giving them to me. I have really horrible rng with things I care about. But nobody cares about that so ill let that part go.... for now.... I feel a more reasonable rate would be 10-20% as I feel smithing xp is so bad unless youre dice.


I want to thank you if you made it this far, I know it wasnt pretty but I feel like I was able to express my thoughts decently enough. I would like to also say that as reluctant as I was before its release I am very happy with this update as a whole! Even though I feel like some work still needs to be done to make the entire update enjoyable, these are my thoughts and feeling alone. I have heard people complaining and stuff in game chat, my clan chat and the fc I frequently hang out in. But I have also seen the things people enjoy about the update.

I formed my own opinion after checking out the update and everything I could do with what was available to me. I would also like to add (since I wont make another forum post just to say this) a community poll system like osrs has would be HUGE for the rs3 community. That being said I do believe this update would have been approved in due time *cough* bank *cough* rework *cough*.

Thank you again for the update and the engaging content!

-Nuffy out

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