New Bane Weaponry

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Doomofdawest said:
Gwyndolynn said:
Doomofdawest said:
Support generally, however before this is implemented I would like to see more variants of actual weapons... scimitars, hastas and the like and for all of the new metals as well

Unfortunately, Jagex said they have no intention of doing that.

WHAT RLY?!?! oh thats so sad... whyd they have to kill off good content even more?!

I think it was more "we have no plans to do that CURRENTLY".

They did design the M&S rework just so the new metal types had 2 one-handed weapons, 1 two-handed weapon, and a shield as you currently don't need more than that.

But once Weapon Diversity comes out, we'll probably see extensions in the future.
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