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I always thought it was odd that there are two types of Skilling Portal in the Garden and none inside the Guild proper as it was. The progression of Skill Portal (one 99) > Skill Portal (fifteen 99s) > Bossing Portal (all 99s) strikes me as strange. Doesn't it make more sense for the reward for maxing out all skill to be easier access to reaping the benefits from them?

Either way, I like the idea of the Boss Portal being a bit easier to access. I especially like the idea of reworking the POH Portal Room to perhaps allow for (lesser?) versions of the Max Guild ones. Tying it to the Achievement System is a cool idea too -- perhaps the player could unlock bosses to add to their possible destinations (with a potential maximum outside of the Guild) by completing those achievements. For example, by completing Party Anima and Coursing Through You, the player can add Telos to their POH portal bank.

Any way it's done, I definitely like the idea. :P

11-Feb-2019 14:37:36

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