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Amaterasu Mi
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For September 5th I'm going to guess....

-- 1-pointers --
1) NW-of-Ardougne bush
2) Ice Mountain rock
3) Central Karamja bush
4) Entrana barrel (slim chance of Musa Point crate)
5) Castle Wars bush

== 2-pointers ==
1) Dragontooth Island crate
2) Ape Atoll barrel
3) Mort Myre toadstool
4) Canifis crate (slim chance of Canifis bush)
5) Lunar Isle rock
) Lletya toadstool or Tyras Camp/Catapult toadstool

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Mel Kazul
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Locations after the update on w 60

--Mage Training Arena -- in Mta garden
--Ice Mountain -- at Edgeville yews
--Port Khazard -- on Jade Vine mansion porch in Ardy
--NW Ardougne -- also on Jade Vine mansion porch in Ardy
--Piscatoris -- also on Jade Vine mansion porch in Ardy

--Dragontooth -- cannot leave the island
--Ape Atoll, barrel -- confined to south side of island, outside of monkey gate
--McGrubor's Woods -- cannot leave the woods. Fairy ring ALS

--Jatizso, rock -- in ne guard tower
--Jatizso, bush A -- in the food hall
--Jatizso, bush B - FREEZER PENG -- in anvil

Polar Bear - Musa Point well, south of banana plantation

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Thank you to everyone for a great 10 year celebration. Coinciding with Double Xp Weekend was a nice bonus! We had so many old names drop in to say hello and reminisce. It is amazing how the time has flown by but the friendships made still remain strong.

I posted a page of penguin challenges on page 5 of the thread. I have one more solution for you, ... WHO MURDERED CANADA GRRl?!?!?!

Check out page 5 post 4 before you sneak a peek!.

This was originally created by the player Jordumus who posted as the alter ego of "Random Rank". The Murder Mystery and Solution appeared in v84 and v85 (April 2010) respectively of this thread.

We were able to find the murderer and the location where it happened!

How it was solved:

The person:
This was the easiest part as there were only 2 possibilities. Elipile and Diomedes Osu both said they were alone at Castle Wars therefore one of them is lying.

But… Diomedes said that Joy2C was at Draynor. We know that Toolmkr was at Draynor and that he wasn’t alone, and we also know that Mom0007 was there, with 1 other person. So it’s impossible that Joy2C was there as well; Diomedes lied, he’s the murderer.

We know that the murderer was lying about everything. Let’s solve that based on the statements Diomedes gave:
-Joy2C was at Draynor at 15 h. - answered above
-I was at Castle Wars, nobody was with me. -He wasn’t at Castle wars, as Elipile was and he hasn’t alone at all: Canada Grrl was with him.
-I heard that the murder wasn’t at Observatory and not at the Digsite. -This was a tricky one: a lot of people came to me saying that this couldn’t fit as this had to be correct! Well, he is lying here as well. He said he HEARD that… He didn’t…

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Canada Grrl
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Solution continued

OK, that was the person, time for the location now.
There were a couple of solutions. First of all the best thing to do was to look where it COULDN’T have happened. With this done, only Digsite and Observatory were left…

The best (but most difficult way) to make sure that the murder wasn’t at Digsite but at Observatory is the following:

Aveo7 says this:
-I had short discussion with Woofumz, it was about 14h/2 PM. After that, I visited ALL the locations where the murder could have happened: first the Observatory then Draynor, Neitiznot, Lunar, Ape … But that doesn’t matter I guess?

-The murder didn’t happen on Ape Atoll, because … I was there at the moment of the murder, All was fine there.

So It didn’t happen at Ape, but also not at Digsite, Musa Point or Castle Wars, because he went to ALL locations and therefore visited those after the murder happened. I’m sure he would have seen something if the murder was there. So only Observatory (where he went first) is possible.

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Canada Grrl
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Canada Grrl

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Why was Canada Grrl murdered? I found an answer as well. Here is a re-enactment of what we believe happened:

2PM @ Digsite:

Aveo7: I think the penguins are up to something… I have some bad feeling in my left little toe…

Woofumz: Go search a doctor! You with your toes! I get sick of them!!

Aveo7: but I really got this feeling…

Woofumz: Leave me alone before I go mad!!

Aveo7: Ok, ok… I’ll look for someone else to speak with then!!

2.15 PM @ Observatory:

Aveo7: Heya Diomedes Osu, heya Canada Grrl, good to see you, Canada Grrl, just the one I need…

Diomedes Osu: Heya Aveo7

Canada Grrl: Hi, why do you need me?

Aveo7: You know Cg, I got this really really strange feeling in my little toe….

Canada Grrl: Butterflies?

Diomedes Osu: Your shoes are too small?

Aveo7: No, nonono, a really bad feeling… I think… That the pengs are up to something…

2.55 PM @ Observatory:

Dio: Hey Cg, about what Aveo7 told earlier… You’re not taking him seriously are you? I mean… won’t it be safer if I go take a knife to protect you if needed or something?

Cg: Lol Dio… If you really feel like it’s needed. Go ahead. But I think I’m fine.

Dio: Well, I’ll quickly go get a knife or something.

*Dio leaves the set*

*a big flash*

Low voice: Finally we meet again Canada Grrl, The Penguin Grrl, as you call yourself…

Cg: Whaaahh!!! Who are you? Leave me alone!!

Low Voice: I… Am the Penguin Commandant. I’m here to finish the task I started long, long ago…

Cg: L..Leave me… I d.. don’t know any.. anything about a task.

Penguin Commandant: Of course you don’t.. That’s because my task is.. To kill you!

*The penguin commandant comes closer to Cg*

*suddenly Dio appears again*

Dio: Nooo!!! Leave her alone, big, ugly, monster! Here take this!!

*Dio throws a knife in the direction of the Penguin Commandant, who suddenly disappears only leaving air and… Cg behind him*


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Canada Grrl
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Canada Grrl

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*The throwing knife passes the spot were the Penguin Commandant was, only to find Canada Grrl in it’s way, the knife finds her body and hits her right in the place where her heart is*

Dio: NOOOOOOOOO****, this can’t be true!!! Nooo, don’t tell me you’re dead!! Cg!! answer me!! Nooooooooo

*suddenly everyone who is playing Runescape goes in the air, surrounded by red mist, in their chatbox they read ‘You feel a strange power unleash itself upon you.’ and they suddenly all felt a huge pain, knowing that something terrible must have happened*

On the bright side, as this all happened ingame, 1 second after this, Canada Grrl respawned in Lumbridge and continued her usual business as if nothing had happened.

I (Random Rank) will give this account back to Canada Grrl herself now, so she is able to do the thing she always does.

Thanks to Jordumus for creating the fun penguin puzzle for us!

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Canada Grrl
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Canada Grrl

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Hopefully you enjoyed the walk down memory lane! I have piles of files of examples of the creative minds here so it was hard to choose (and sift through!).

Time of course waits for no man, or penguin so already it is another week. That means a new thread for the locations.

Please join us at:

Penguin Locations (now murder-free!!) v524

QFC: 75-76-39-66041563

or click here.

Feel free to work on the challenges or post your results or anything else but please use the new thread listed above as this one is now retired.

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