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Happy Anniversary to all hunters, herders, penguins, Jagex penguin lovers, old ranks, current ranks and even those of you who might be mad enough to be future ranks. Happy Anniversary to all the penguins and Chuck its been an incredible 10 years with so many wonderful people involved. You are all in my heart forever.

So good to see so many people popping into chat and the thread to celebrate.

02-Sep-2018 20:06:16

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Which means


Hard to believe 10 years have gone by. Thank you to everyone who has taken part in this special activity.

Check out pages 3-5 of the thread, especially page 5 which has some penguin puzzles to test you!

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Hi you lot!

Just popping in to say a happy anniversary to you all. Almost forgot, but just remembered as I was going to bed.

Even though I quit RS last year (and being a rank), for some mad reason every time I see a penguin I'm reminded of you all...

Have got lots of happy memories herding, figuring out new areas, chasing that bloody ghostie! Not to mention just chatting about life and stuff with you all. Miss you all tons and best of luck with whatever Jagex will throw at us.

My chocolate and period dramas are calling to me, goodnight!

02-Sep-2018 22:13:46

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Happy penguin and D&D anniversary!

10 years of golden memories, long nights helping in chats, herding and exploring with the best ppl in game, both team mates and hunters.

Its all been worth it, slowly but steady, maxing and now re-maxing again.

For the soreboard: lvl 99 in Invention and in all skills!

It will continue to be worth it also for the next 10 happy years <3

Team Penguin

02-Sep-2018 23:12:29

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Hey all.

Tonight I handed in 42 penguin points and earned 201,600 slayer xp which took me up to 200,000,000 slayer xp.

Many years ago, I earned my first 99 (HP) during the v100 celebrations, today on our tenth anniversary I got my first 200m. I wonder what I'll be doing in 10 years time. Whatever it is, I'm sure penguins will be involved.

Happy penguinversary all! If anyone wants a celebratory penguin plushie present, please pester me in game at any time.
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02-Sep-2018 23:56:55

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I still haven't come to terms with the fact that it's been 10 years. Ten years!
I think this calls for more limericks.

~ Ahem ~

Ten years have been and gone
We're older, wiser, strong
But the penguins, I thought,
Would by now all be caught;
Maybe Chuck's got it all wrong?

Penguins, patterns, problems, tears,
Long nights, long herds, down through long years
Through challenges and changes,
Made new friends out of strangers -
Hunting penguin spies for polar bears

I met a man by the camel pen
In Ardougne zoo - it was way back when;
"The penguins," said he,
"Are coming for me!"
And we never saw Larry again :(


Regarding the murder mystery on page 5, my gut tells me it was Woofumz in the dining room with the red dagger.

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Ran out of space on page 5 .... could have posted 5 more pages of things tbh.

Here are some more answers to the challenges on page 5

Last of the ChAoS pEnGuIn HiNtS

* According to history books, odd foods don't exist anymore.
It is Gnome Stronghold. Before an update in 2006, while doing the Gnome Restaurant minigame, if you did not cook the food correctly, you would end up with "odd" cuisine.

* I went upstairs just 5 minutes ago and there wasn't a whatsathingamagiggycalled.
It is Wizard Tower. This refers to a postbag letter from the wizard Traiborn, who resides in Wizard Tower.

03-Sep-2018 06:49:23

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Dinner Party Challenge on page 5


------Termluke, J H, Nyssa, Topaz Nails, Elipile, Boomer, Spiritka, Slaine
------Bawdytrollop, Diomedes, Magic Angel, Lyrehca, Woofumz, Scatty, VoidLordXian, Armcie

How to solve it?

It was best to take a piece of paper, in landscape and then draw the table, like what was given in the challenge.

At every ‘x’, you put all the ranks names, except Cg and Random Rank. As you know already at the very beginning their exact locations (Cg far west, at the left side of the table and Random Rank far east, at the right side of the table).

Then look at which ranks had an obvious seat.
(Elipile, Topaz Nails and Woofumz were the easiest to start with, as Topaz Nails has to sit next to Elipile and closer to Cg then to RR and Elipile wants to sit closer to RR than to Cg and both have to sit north, so that means that at the northern side, seat 4 is for Topaz Nails and seat 5 for Elipile. Then Eli says that a General has to sit in front of her and only Woofumz is left as a General).

You continue to do this for all clues.

‘Why is ‘XvinDialDoor’ sitting next to Armcie?’
XvinDialDoor is an anagram for ‘VoidLordXian’.

‘*whispers* Hey, you’re twice as good as me’
As Slaine whispers this, he has to be speaking to the person next to him… And twice as good = double banana, as Slaine is single banana.

‘Beside me, some cucumbers are truly tasty, yes?’
Woofumz meant that, next to her (beside her), there is a seat for Scatty. How's that? Well take the first letters of each word (except for beside and me).

All the clues of the food:
They all indicated some things: when person A asks to pass something to person B then that means that that person B doesn’t sit next to person A, otherwise he wouldn’t ask to pass it but just give it to person B.

If you did all the clues, and they suddenly all fit, then you should have the answer.

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Hey all,

We're now launching today's game update, this week featuring the player-owned farm! We're aiming to reboot at 13:00 game time (2pm UK time).


System update coming in 2.5 hours.

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