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Hey everyone,

This might sound crazy, but I feel the whole shooting star d&d has a lot more potential for interaction between higher and lower level players. Right now many would go there, tag it, mine the first few levels and or sometimes even leave it alone, as the exp degrades over time.

Wouldn't it be nicer if new players stumble upon it, and later on have to ask others for help to mine it as their level doesn't support getting to the core? The tagger will still get the chunk of xp anyways, and the whole will reward you the more you stick with it.
The hidden benefits!

- More interaction between lower and higher level players altogether as they could inform high level people of interesting tiered stars. (make it so that the higher the tier, the faster it degrades automatically, so solo low lvl players will still be able to get to tubby)
- Higher level players will actually be rewarded for sticking around/help out, which makes it more rewarding, instead of a pity party.
Lower level players will get their optimal xp, stardust and no one has to waste too much time waiting around.
- This will also persuade people to join friend chats for shooting stars as fast as possible (let the high tiers degrade over time equally and not based on how many people mine it!!) , rather than only sharing the leftovers, because let's be honest: You want the best xp for yourself if you can't share it.

Personally I think more events should play out like this. High level players shouldn't have to approach lower level players from their kind hearts alone. And persuading high level players with bigger xp rewards sounds a lot more natural anyway.

(and if the exp gets abused in some way, you could always cap it to a few k a day right?)

Thanks for reading.

03-Dec-2017 10:37:30

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