How to report AFK

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I Am Foxsu

I Am Foxsu

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I find it personally irritating that others like to afk during minigames..such as stealing creation for example to get free thaler. It feels unfair to be the among the only three people physically gathering or engaging in combat. If the whole team says FK it and afks I am left there to sit for 10 minutes while the other team mines the resources.

So please explain to me the proper protocol for reporting this or perhaps develop a system to kick afk players.

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10-Oct-2017 08:21:47

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It's also irritating when people frown upon other players actually playing the mini-game and not being AFK.
As if they can't comprehend that some players actually want to have fun...

The Spotlight used to be so exciting when your favorite mini-game was highlighted.
Soon you realize that a clan of AFK'ers are behind , with no interest in the mini-game whatsoever, waiting to kick you from their friends chat and world hopping, leaving you all alone and giving you no choice but to go rogue to enter their friends chat just to play.
Ignore and keep having fun, I say!!

14-Oct-2017 05:58:47

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You can blame jagex for the ridiculous trim req of getting profound armor and the introduction of thalers. If thalers did not exist there would probably not have enough players to start most of the minigames anyways.

17-Oct-2017 03:38:15

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The problem is, without the thaler system you wouldn't even be able to play these minigames. You can make it so you cant afk, but that wont solve anything. Afkers are there for the cw req for most part. If it wasn't afk they would just go right back to the private cw fcs for 100% win games and afk that, leaving you with a dead minigame that you wouldn't be able to find people to enter it. In a game standpoint of how it should be, yes your suggestion makes sense. But in reality, all that's going to do is kill minigames again. They are already dead off spotlight. Go to stealing creation when its not spotlight and see if anyone is even there. Then go on spotlight. "Vitalis"- Pvm/Social/Community clan, 2.6k total req to join. Join today :)

28-Aug-2018 01:47:16

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