Pc a-voiding conflict

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trying to get this achievement done: have all barricades fixed and complete a pest control game.

Spotlight is currently at Pest Control. People there only kill, dont fix barricades. If we're 2 - 4 people we should be able to get it. Add me so we can try to get on the same boat to get it.



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Did you succeed?

Does it work to do it as a team? I read it as having to repair them all yourself, but that seems to be impossible. With 8 barricades and 4 or more logs per barricade, you just can't pick up the logs fast enough to have time to repair the barricades. Especially since you would have to make a second trip to the log piles to get enough logs.

I don't know why the log pick-up has been made so slow.

16-Dec-2017 06:03:44

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