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By applying to this FC I am aware that I must follow all of the rules set forth by the FC and by Jagex


Combat level? -

What clan are you in -
Eternal Division

Are you aiming for the trimmed completionist requirement -
Yes, unfortunately.

Are you friends with any members of this fc -
Not yet, I don't think.

What are some of your goals in Castle Wars -
It would be nice to get all the capes (apart from 5k games) on the way to full profound.

Do you plan to do Castle Wars with us at least once a week -
When I can, yes. Real life stuff tends to take over and I end up being inactive / only able to afk for most of the week. But I intend to start playing Castle Wars when I can.

Timezone -
GMT / UTC+00:00

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Imitation IS the greatest form of flattery.

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