Puro-Puro and the Kingly Imp

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Hi, so I've been looking for a Kingly imp, and everything I've read said to head to Puro-Puro and catch Nature implings and up, which I understand that part, it forces a new spawn of higher(hopefully) level. The part I don't understand is people saying to hold onto the higher level implings you catch.
Do people say hold onto them because they think you should sell them or does holding onto a rare imp make it less likely for that rare imp to spawn and another rare imp(hopefully Kingly in this case) to spawn?
And if holding onto the rare imp makes the Kingly more likely to spawn, what do you do when your back pack becomes full? Cause atm I have a pack filled with Zombie implings, and all I've been seeing are just more and more Zombies spawning.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you all so much.

05-Dec-2017 02:47:22

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