Warbands FC called Woobands

Quick find code: 75-76-524-66048464

Niceman 176
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Niceman 176

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I have been a member of this FC for over a year and i went through hell trying to get "verified" so i can stop getting kicked before Warbands. First Warbands i did with them after i got verified they said i was a spy for a PK chat since i had on a team-47 cape on. If you are here trying to join this chat save yourself the trouble. These guys are over paranoid and 1/10 of them will actually help you or bother giving you the discord link.

11-Jan-2019 05:58:24

Phase Four
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Phase Four

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Hello, I was doing nothing but just training on my skiller, when I was kicked out of the fc for no reason, when I joined on my main to ask why I had been kicked, they immediately kicked my main aswell.

04-Feb-2019 23:14:16

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