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1.1 Introduction

I have re-created this thread to store, edit, and add to the vast quantities of knowledge and tips for herding and trapping penguins. There is so much to learn for everyone, from the beginner to the expert. It is not recommended to read this thread straight through, as it will be like trying to read Greek. I have tried to list the information from simplest first to the most complex.

I would recommend testing the following theories yourself. It is NOT recommended to do testing on world 60 or world 71/99 penguins, as these worlds are used to help people spy the penguins quickly. Just pick a different world, find a penguin using the special trap directory, and test these theories out.

There are many people who have been putting these theories into practice for a very long time. These people will be more than willing to help you learn! I include myself amongst them. If I am on and not busy, please PM me if you don’t understand how to do something. I will be glad to share my knowledge. Many others feel the same way!

With Jagex making constant changes to both the map and the way the mechanics of the game operate, there is always something more to change on this thread. There are always new things to discover! Thus, I have plenty of reserves to add new information when it comes. I also will be counting on many of you to help me correct outdated information or to refine old techniques.

For an example of a possible change, Jagex deciding to nerf what was once the best trap in the game – the Yanille north wall – by adding a pointless and unnecessary door to it. :(
~ Bill ^_^

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1.2 Table of Contents

1.5 Credits and Other Helpful Threads
1.6 - 1.7 Penguin Dictionary
1.8 How to Block a Penguin
1.9 How to Trap a Penguin
1.10 Basics of Pets

2.1 - 2.2 How Penguins Move
2.3 Special Traps
2.4 Making a Special Trap
2.5 Using a Pet to Make a Trap

2.6 Using NPC*
2.7 2x2 NPCs

3.1 Beginning Herding
3.2 - 3.3 Herding Techniques

3.4 The Basic Shooter
3.5 How NOT to do a Shooter
3.6 North/South Wall Shooters
3.7 - 3.8 Advanced Shooters

4.1 The Slide - Basics
4.2 East/West Slide
4.3 North/South Slide
4.4 Choosing Click Spots
4.5 Pets and Slides

4.6 EoC and Herding
4.7 The Drag
4.8 The Slider Catch
4.9 Slide and Bump

5.1 Walking a Penguin
5.2 Chariot - Background
5.3 The Chariot - Setup
5.4 The Chariot - Moving
5.5 - 5.6 Turning the Chariot
~ Bill ^_^

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1.3 Table of Contents

6.1 Area Herding Guides
6.2 Entering Yanille
6.3 Gate West of Fenks
6.4 Relly Cow Pen
6.5 Ardy Shot Machine
6.6 Slayer Tower
6.7 Enter the Gnome Stronghold


7.1 Explanation
7.2 Matching it with Penguins
7.3 Areas with No Traps

7.4 South of Ardougne
7.5 Inside Ardougne
7.6 Pisc, Kandarin, Fremennik

7.7 WWM Area
7.8 Asgarnia
7.9 South Misthalin
7.10 North Misthalin

8.1 the Wild
8.2 Desert, Sophanem
8.3 Morytania, Port Phas

8.4 Mos, Karamja, Ape Atoll
8.5 Fremennik Islands
8.6 Dorgesh Kaan, Keldagrim, Zanaris
8.7 Lletya

8.9 Creating Better Spy Spots
8.10 Useful Spy Spots
~ Bill ^_^

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1.5 Credits and Other Helpful Threads


First, Powotae deserves the lion’s share of credit. Not only was he my mentor, he collected all of this information and presented it as clearly as possible. Without him, this couldn’t be possible.

CherryBrandi and anon991 deserve a lot of credit for helping develop theories on the previous thread. Many parts they contributed have been preserved, as they are that helpful!

Termluke, Lori Doc, Nitrogen, iMath, Aveo7, Elipile, Heaven Sent, Left of Zen, Qloque, Ladylee06, Armcie, Bbh Smoke, and many more for their contributions to previous threads (and hopefully to this one). Without all of you, such an effort would be overwhelming.

I’d also like to thank those of you using this thread to learn more. I hope this revamped thread is very useful, and that you will choose to get others wishing to learn to come here as well.


Other Helpful Threads

Penguin Hunting with Misty is an excellent guide for those wishing to quickly and effectively spy the penguins.

Penguin Locations by Canada Grrl is the group I am affiliated with. Use this thread to quickly spy your penguins.

Clues Clues Clues by Elipile explains the theory behind the clues which pinpoint roughly where the penguins are located.

Penguin Pattern Round 2 by Aveo7 explains the theory behind which penguins come each week.

Penguin Stuff by Canada Grrl is a historical thread that shows how long it took to develop some of these theories!
~ Bill ^_^

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1.6 Penguin Dictionary

You will see these terms used in both the game and on this thread. I thought it best to have a place where all of these terms are defined. They are in alphabetical order.

Break –
1) The act of stepping on a spot inside the trap near the exit, allowing the penguin to exit the trap.
2) The act of stepping on a person or pet, allowing the penguin to move over those people.

Bump – the act of stepping on a spot near the entrance to a building or trap to allow a penguin to enter. Penguins (because of how they move) need help to enter many traps and buildings.

Chariot – a very complex and fancy herding technique that assures the penguin will go exactly where you wish it to.

Drag – A modified slide where you are dragging the penguin along a straight line while blocking both directions it wishes to travel.

DWF – The Dark Warrior’s Fortress, at about LVL 20 in the wilderness. A place penguins can often be found on worlds 60, 71, and 99.

Ghost – the ghost penguin that came after the Some Like it Cold quest. It is fully immune from herding, trapping, and can walk on water.

Goat/Platy – Your pet and ally that helps block and herd penguins. Platy is short for platypus, and goat is short for tooth creature.

Herder – The people who are guiding the penguin to a very specific place. Please watch out for them.

Multi - Short for 'multi-trap'. It's where multiple penguins are put roughly in the same area for super quick spying. Those take a *lot* of effort!

NPC – non- player character. Sometimes annoying, sometimes very helpful when it comes to herding.

Penguin – Our obsession. A small bird that looks cute and innocent, but is really plotting to take over the world! They roam around RuneScape in disguises to survey the land.
~ Bill ^_^

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1.7 Penguin Dictionary

Reset *

1) The act of moving, using an emote, or using an item to make it so that you are blocking the penguin from moving again.
2) The act of one spacing a penguin for 7-9 minutes so that it returns to its spawn point.
3) The magical time of week where the old penguins disappear and new penguins come. It happens every Wednesday from 0-1 GMT.

Roaming – The penguin is currently not in a trap or being trapped.

Shot/Shooter – a specific type of blocking pattern that forces a penguin to move only in one diagonal direction.

Slide – the act of being a moving block so that a penguin is forced to move in one straight direction. Can be done either east/west or north/south.

Special Trap (spec) – A trap with a one space gap such that the penguin cannot exit. See the posts on penguin movement to see how special traps work.

Team Penguin/Penguin Whisperers – The good guys. These are the people who keep tabs on the penguins and trap them so that they stay in one spot.

Trampler - The person who feels like they must hug and kiss a penguin to spy it. They will march in hordes and run over every block you set up, especially on reset night!

Trapper – The person who is holding the penguin in a very specific spot. Please thank them.

Trap Breaker – a person who is intentionally disrupting a trapper, herder, or allowing the penguin to escape.

Walk - the act of surrounding a penguin and then forcing it to move one space at a time. Advanced herding technique.

WWM – White Wolf Mountain. The most evil penguin known. Also, the place that divides the western part of the main roaming area from the eastern part.


This key will help you read information further on in the thread.

Key to all diagrams:

Not walkable square = X
_ = Walkable square
A = Penguin (not P as P is not the same width as _)
Z = Player
n = NPC/pet
1-9 = Players when more than one is needed
~ Bill ^_^

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1.8 How to Block a Penguin

Blocking a penguin is very simple! It involves standing where you do not wish the penguin to go. If you don’* want a penguin to go east, just stand to the east of it!

If you do not give a penguin a chance to move at least one space, it will reset (go back to its spawn) after 7 minutes! Make sure to give the penguins a chance to move!

The problem with blocking comes when an NPC* or another player ‘breaks’ your block. This happens when they step on you and then move off of you. Your block is not broken until they move away.

Thankfully, when this happens, there are many ways to make it so that you block again.
1) Take one step in any direction, and then move back to your original spot.
2) Use a specific item, such as the ring of stone, easter ring, ring of snow, or bone brooch. (morph and then un-morph)
3) Use a specific emote, such as the dungeoneering emote, the give thanks emote, or the seal of approval emote. (again, morph and then un-morph)

Remember, YOU will be stepped on by other players. Don’t get upset about it. Penguins naturally roam to begin with, and it will not set you back if you are broken and the penguin leaves.

*Note: NPC* that step on you, even when you are blocking, are not able to break you in most cases. If an NPC like a monster or a human steps on you, that is a good sign that you are not blocking and need to reset.
~ Bill ^_^

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1.9 How to Trap a Penguin

The most useful trap is any large building with many doors. Sometimes, they are even better than a special trap! There is a reason why worlds 60, 71, and 99 use the Yanille South Wall, Draynor Manor, and waterfall house raft despite there being no good special trap there. Those traps are large and have many doors.

In general, the more doors between a penguin and freedom, the better. If you are struggling to contain a penguin in a town, it is best to open all of the doors and hope it enters a building. That is better than allowing it complete freedom. Sometimes, you need to help it enter one, which will be covered later.

There are good places to trap penguins even far from the nearest town. If there are no buildings nearby then the best traps are those where the players can spy the penguin over the edges of the trap, and generally approach from the far side of the trap.

A good example of a place like this is behind the SE building and along the fence in Brimhaven. People can spy over the fence (more on this later) and have a long approach from the south to spy it. As long as you bring something to do, you can hold a penguin there for as long as you need.

Even if you do not understand the following pages and posts, every person can help trap or block a penguin with the previous two posts. It’s that easy!
~ Bill ^_^

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1.10 Basics of Pets

Pets (goats and platys) have become an integral part of the penguin trapping and herding experience. Most of the diagrams and concepts in this thread are assuming that you are using a pet to assist you. Thus, it is important to know the basics of how to use one.

You get the platypus after As a First Resort. You get the tooth creature (goat) after Fairy Tale Part III. Both of these and the holiday squirrels from many years back are the ONLY known pets or followers that also block penguins.

When you drop a pet, it will drop randomly in one of the 8 spaces surrounding you, and it breaks your block. Make sure to reset when you drop your pet. If you drop your pet when run is on, your pet will move slowly! Make sure to turn run OFF before dropping your pet so that it moves at normal speed!

You used to not break your block when you called your pet. THIS HAS CHANGED. When you call your pet, you break yourself. Make sure to reset. Also, it ends up in the space west of you, unless that space is blocked. Then it will try east of you, and then it will try south, and finally north.

You can only call your pet every 5 seconds or so.

If you get 16 spaces away from your pet in any direction, it will re-spawn right next to you.

If a pet cannot reach you, it will reset its block very quickly, which is very useful (read further).

Pets, just like NPCs and other players, can break your block if they are under you and move.

The pet will move diagonally until it reaches the same line of squares as you, and then they will follow directly behind you.

When you step on your pet it will move west unless blocked. It will continue to move that direction each time you step on it until it can’t. Then it will try to move east, and then south. (WESN). It will stay put if it cannot move in those three directions.
~ Bill ^_^

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