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Recent w60 locations

-- Feldip, rock -- in Yanille North wall
-- Witchaven, rock -- in house north east of Ardy Market

-- Canifis, bush - the Freezer peng --in Fenkenstain's castle, NE of canafis
-- Gnome Stronghold, bush -- roaming the stronghold, last seen north of the gnomeball field
-- Wilderness, rock -- around the Deserted Keep at Ardy/Edge teleport lever
-- Wilderness, rock -- in Lava Maze

-- East Karamja, bush -- roams the eastern island, likes to be northwards
-- Neitiznot, rock -- on town island
-- Neitiznot, bush -- on grassy island north of town
-- Sawmill, crate -- in the sawmill
-- Sophanem, cactus -- in the North East temple building

Polar bear in Ardy farm well

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