Rogue's Den Gem Bug

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I already submitted a bug report on this, and was wondering if anyone experienced and or has a fix to this problem. I have not been able to play the minigame even one time, as whenever I speak to Brian O'Richard and request to play, he says he'll gladly give me another mystical jewel when I did not have one to begin with. After the dialogue is finished, there is no mystical jewel in my inventory. Some things to know: I have 52 thieving and 50 agility, and my inventory was empty when I requested a mystical jewel. I have logged out, restarted the client, and switched worlds with no luck. The only thing that I believed to have triggered this bug was that I spoke to Brian O'Richard before I had the required skill level, and in that dialogue he told me I was not ready for whatever he had to offer (to enter the rogue's den). Anything would help!

26-Aug-2017 07:43:50

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I'm having the same problem now and it's really infuriating as an iron man. I have all the requirements and no matter what i do the gem doesn't appear in my inventory, Brian even goes through the dialog of giving me the gem and everything. would love to see some more info on whats going on here.

28-Nov-2017 07:35:59

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