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Amaterasu Mi
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Amaterasu Mi

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For September 26th I'm going to guess....

-- 1-pointers --
1) Mage Training Arena bush
2) Feldip rock (slim chance of Port Khazard barrel)
3) Witchaven rock (slim chance of McGrubor's Woods bush)
4) Lighthouse rock
5) Observatory crate (slim chance of Ice Mountain rock)

== 2-pointers ==
1) Piscatoris crate
2) Neitiznot rock (slim chance of Jatizso rock)
3) Neitiznot bush (slim chance of Jatizso bush)
4) Mos Le'Harmless barrel
5) Ape Atoll bush (slim chance of Ape Atoll barrel)
) Port Phasmatys barrel or Canifis crate

25-Sep-2018 15:34:03

Mel Kazul
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Mel Kazul

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Recent world 60 locations

-- Draynor Manor -- in the manor, NW room
-- Mudskipper -- in the farmhouse south of Falador, near the cabbage teleport

-- Brimhaven -- at Hajedy's house south of the docks
-- Canifis, crate -- in Fenk's castle, NE of Canifis
-- Mort Myre, bush -- in Slayer Tower

-- Elf Camp -- on hunter area south of Elf Camp
-- Elf, rock -- east from Prifdinnas south entrance and over leaf trap
-- Dorgesh-Kaan -- in a room near Ur-Meg, south west of the market place
-- Entrana -- on the island
-- Sophanem -- in the northeast building (Temple of the Minor Gods)

-- Desert - the Freezer peng -- in Poli house south of Sumona the Slayer Master

Polar bear in Rellekka well

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