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"borrows" Bob's Woofumz's thread and updates:

Recent World 60 Locations

1) Dorgesh-kaan barrel - Can't leave Dorg.. Trapped in the N E room
2) Witchaven rock - In the Poison Arrow pub in Ardy
3) Gnome stronghold bush - trapped in terrorbird peng, lodestone to Eagles Peak, walk east and spy over fence
4) Observatory crate - South wing of Ardy castle
5) Feldip rock - In Yanille south wall

1) Elf rock - Trapped over the leaf trap S E of Priff entrance
2) Neitiznot bush - Can't leave green island north of Niet town island
3) Wilderness rock - In the Deserted Keep, near the lever
4) Ape Atoll bush - On agility island
5) Neitiznot rock - Can't leave Nietz town island, trapped in the yak pen

F) Southern Sophanem cactus - Can't leave Sophanem, in the northeast building

Polar bear - Varrock well

Ghost Penguin - join fc 'w60pengy' to help search. Requires Some Like It Cold quest and ring of visibility (or Sliske's 'gift' after Fate of the Gods) to spy.

After completing Back to the Freezer penguin points will give 40 x level x points rather than 25 x level x points[

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