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Hello all

I recently got back into Runescape and saw the beautiful Vanguard armor. After some research the easiest way would be Thaler. I looked for some information on what games and worlds are still active and havn't found any yet. Does anyone know details on minigames? Thank you.

23-Aug-2017 02:28:00

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Thaler is a currency you receive from playing minigames. To my knowledge you cannot buy a vanguard set with them. Instead, you get specific pieces of the outfit by playing specific minigames.

The top comes from Fight Pits, bottom is from Soul Wars, boots are from Pest Control, gloves are from Fist of Guthix, and the helmet it from Castle Wars.

Getting the vanguard set is pretty rare, but the more games you play, the more common it gets. Playing a lot of castle wars will increase the likelihood you receive a helmet, for example.

The best way to go about this, by my knowledge, is to play the minigames whenever they are spotlighted, since the majority are rather dead otherwise. Whenever a minigame is spotlighted, you receive more thalers from it, which is desirable for people going to trimmed comp or people who want thalers in general for some reason. There will only be one minigame spotlighted every three days, and the way you check is by checking your minigames interface in-game (press F3) or on the wikia.

Hope this helps.

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