Looking for Barbarian Assault

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I'm looking for a Barbarian Assault team consisting of +-7 people.
All people must have watched a guide and some experience.
Once I found enough people, we will starting fixing dates and hours to do BA (with 5 ppls) to gain some juicy bonus xp.
The fc is nearly death (please don't advice me fc, I'm already a week in there and never saw a team being formed).

I'm also willing to play during the upcoming spotlight.
Please react here and I will message you ingame so we can discuss how we can handle this. (I really hope jagex does something about dead minigames like this...)

06-Jan-2018 14:08:11

Jan Member 2018


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I would absolutely love to join you. Level 3 collector atm but I only recently started and this game is a lot of fun to me. Hopefully will meet you in the arena soon :)

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hi, im interested in joining this team. I have alot of experience with barbarian assault from my main. he was level 4 all roles and every piece of equiptment. Now i need a fighter torso on this account. i am familiar with all roles, and can accomodate the team. the faster each wave goes the better.

04-Feb-2018 03:11:56

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