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Midget Silje
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Midget Silje

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don't know if this is the right spot but yeah.

so i've heard all this talk about making world 24 the only gold ticket world... still not happened.
castle wars is
, people who want to enjoy castle wars or just do tasks have to sit on 24 all day and wait for others. and with some luck.. maybe get 1 or 2 games.

there is so many fc's boosting for golds, if 24 was the only gold ticket world castle wars would be active again... so why not do it? so many of us wants to play but it's dead.. 24 for golds!
And Milkie is so weird :)
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I agree, as an experienced castle wars player. Jagex definitely need to find a solution to fix our favorite minigame :c. They could make a 5k castle wars games a trimmed comp requirement again so trimmers would have to come to castle wars or they could add new rewards and maybe add in some new customizations in the cw shop so it can attract players to come and enjoy our castle wars hospitality :D

06-Nov-2018 10:45:21

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I agree with Tihi, people are just boosting nowadays on any world. W24 is the castle wars world as it should be the only world where u can get gold tickets.

06-Nov-2018 11:02:08

Yusou Bhoroi
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Yusou Bhoroi

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I agree, though I'm unsure how much it'll help. The sheer numbers, and mentality of the AFK-boosters (not all, but enough), means that they will just do everything they can to make playing as unenjoyable as possible, and even outright prevent play, if they can.. so dumping them on w24 may just cut you off from being able to play, even more than you are atm.

If there have been more of a stance against such behaviour, for the past many Years, then perhaps it would be an easier situation to resolve, but as things stand, too many have got used to doing things by cheating the system, and would put up too much of a fuss - thus they'd win in any argument (despite being the ones deliberately spoiling content for the very people it was supposedly designed). JAGEX is already extremely unwilling to make any individual requirement harder (even if it only gets made easier due to a mistake, or a bug, they never revert it, even when they fix the problem, they change it to be just as fast without it).

There just aren't any Mods in the right sections (Development teams), who actually care about Minigames, like them, or aren't part of the boosting crowd, so it is extremely unlikely that anything positive for the active-playing of Minigames, will ever be done (at least, not without there also being things introduced in the same update, that completely undermine any possibility of it being efficacious).

08-Nov-2018 02:13:42

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