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Fhat Freak
Jul Member 2006

Fhat Freak

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Hello, I am trying to start a fc for soul wars afkers & thaler famers particularity for when it's on minigame spotlight days. As many know it can be very hard to afk with people constantly killing you at jellies/pyrefiends. Join my fc "fhat freak" or pm in game if you are interested!

08-Nov-2018 22:43:50

Jul Gold Premier Club Member 2012


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The problem with your post, you're posting the fc on a public forum(an open fc anyone can join vs adds only). Those same people who kill at jellies/pyres, most of them are part of a clan that crashes minigames. They view the forum. Now they know a fc name where people might be trying to afk and guess what? they will crash you. Your games wont be afk. "Vitalis"- Pvm/Social/Community clan, 2.6k total req to join. Join today :)

09-Nov-2018 04:51:31

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