LF Help with Fist of Guthix!!!

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Hey everyone! :P

I just came back to RuneScape after a pretty lengthy break, and man has a lot changed! But anyways, I wanted to buy the Battle Robes 0 from the GE and wear them with my Staff of Light while farming Gargoyles for profit, but the only way to charge them is by using 250 Fist of Guthix Tokens for the whole set..

So, back to the whole point of this post: I'm looking for 3 or more friendly, patient players who would like to help me collect some tokens! I say patient because over all my years of playing this wonderful game, i've unfortunately never once had the chance to even run Fist of Guthix.. So, be warned, it'll take me a second to get my bearings hehe..

If anyone is interested in helpin me out, or even just runnin some Fist of Guthix for old times sake, please join my FC in game! :)

I would so deeply appreciate ANYONE'S help achieving my goal! Even if you've never done Fist of Guthix either, regardless I can't begin to earn any tokens unless I have 3 other people with me to even get into the minigame, but of course, the more the merrier! :P

Thank you everyone, regardless! Have a great rest of your evening! :)

06-Nov-2018 21:01:37

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