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Not sure if this should be in a bug/support forum or not, but I've been completely incapable of fighting the Leprechaun Champion every week or entering the basement training room ever since I defeated him for the first time. Every time I click the Leprechaun in the champion menu, I receive from Larxus the dialogue: "That champion isn't interested in fight you." (sic) (typo there, btw). Trying to enter the training room returns 2 dialogues: "The trapdoor is locked from the inside. You can hear the muffled sounds of things being hit." Larxus: "That's the champions' training room. I can't let you down while they are training."

I have no problem fighting any of the other Champions I've acquired scrolls for every week, and multiple players have said that they're capable of fighting the Leprechaun every week like usual. I lack the Leprechaun banner for my Banner carrier as well.

What's going on? Is this intended?

07-Dec-2017 08:44:23

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