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Recent locations on World 60 - format borrowed

1-Point Penguins
- Lumbridge, toadstool - last in the Draynor Manor
- Witchaven, rock - Ilast in the house northeast of Ardougne market
- Gnome Maze, bush - at the Handelmort mansion in Ardougne (jade vine house)
- Brimhaven, bush - last outside Shilo village east of the town gate
- East Karamja, bush -confined to East Karamja, often between shipyard and fairy ring d-k-p

-- Wilderness #1, rock - in the lava maze
*on all worlds*

-- Wilderness #2, rock - at the Deserted Keep (Ardougne/Edgeville lever drop point)
-- Neitiznot, bush - confined to the green island north of town
-- Elf, toadstool - confined to Tyras catapult clearing and skillchompas west of it
-- Mort Myre, bush - roaming in mort myre swamp at the Barrows
-- Port Phasmatys, barrel - last in the cookhouse west of bank
(Back to the Freezer quest required to spy)

Polar bear - Rellekka well
(Hunt for Red Raktuber quest required to spy)

Ghost Penguin - join fc 'w60pengy' to help search. Requires Some Like It Cold quest and ring of visibility (or Sliske's 'gift' after Fate of the Gods) to spy.

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