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Current locations on W71:

1 point

1. Zanaris toadstool

- Confined to Zanaris; currently at otherworldly beings
Quest requirement: Complete Lost City

2. Entrana barrel

- Confined to Entrana

3. Draynor Manor crate

- Trapped inside Draynor Manor's pantry room
* Please close all doors *

4. Death Plateau rock

- Confined to Death Plateau

5. Karamja bush

- Trapped at Hajedy's hut, near Brimhaven dock
* Please spy with care *

2 points

6. Castle Wars rock


7. Castle Wars rock

- One is trapped inside south wing of Ardougne Castle
* Please close doors *

- Other one is trapped inside Ardougne church, room with stairs
* Please close doors *

8. Canifis/Haunted Woods crate

- Trapped inside northeast room with stairs in Fenk's Castle
* Please close doors *

9. Mort Myre toadstool

- Trapped inside northwest room with fireplace in Fenk's Castle
* Please spy from outside of its room *

10. Elfland North Elf Camp toadstool

- Confined to the area south of Elf Camp
Quest requirement: Start Regicide

11. Elfland Lletya toadstool

- Confined to Lletya, can go up to pass trees
Quest requirement: Start Mourning’s Ends Part I (or, with help, it is possible
to spy him after starting Regicide) and complete Back to the Freezer

Additional spy after completing Hunt for Red Raktuber:

The polar bear (1 point) is inside

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