Find evil tree and fall star

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How we can know the location of the evils trees or the shooting stars?
The elder tree of the g.e. doesnt want to talk and say me the location
Also the telescope of the wizard tower doesnt work too
Also there's another good event D&D for f2p?

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evil trees can be sought after they have matured. Once they are actually there. You can talk to the spirit trees to find the location. Otherwise where you get wacked by a tree branch, in that area you can look for a sapling to nurture in that area

As far as the stars. You must make a telescope in your house to find a star. Or join a cc.

17-Dec-2017 01:13:04

Pah Psi
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Pah Psi

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First, there are only six possible locations for the evil tree in f2p:

1. at draynor lodestone
2. south of draynor bank
3. south of edgeville monastery
4. north of varrock castle
5. east of varrock (at the rift)
6. west of falador

Then, there are ways to get more information about the location:

2011 Easter event crown

If you were playing in 2011, you may have a crown from the easter event (f2p: sunbeam crown; p2p: icicle crown). right-clicking on this crown while it is being worn gives you a location clue like "Close to the village you humans call 'Draynor'". From here it is easy to determine which of the 6 above locations it is.

Nature sentinel outfit

For f2p this works similar as the easter crowns, however I do not own a set so I cannnot verify if it works in f2p. However the outfit is f2p, so I would expect it to work.
Looking for an evil tree? Tree Hunters is the place to be! :)

21-Dec-2017 14:53:24

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