Dread Nips problem

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I just did 450 bosses and spectated, but I don't know how to get the dread nips reward. It seems in the listed rewards, that I need 25 more kills to get 500 dread nips. I still haven't gotten the dread nips from the original goal, 450 bosses and a spectate a match. How do I get these, without going through another 25 bosses?

12-Sep-2018 23:36:03

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This is what I found on runescape wikia article on dreadnips:

It is recommended to spectate a match before obtaining the 450th kill. As doing so will bug the interface preventing the dreadnips from being obtained. A fix to this is fighting one more boss after the spectate.

Hope this helps.

12-Sep-2018 23:45:20

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