Heist minigame!

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Heist has died and it is great thieving and hunter xp! My clan has created a new fc channel for people interested, its fun, but also afk if you like. FC is heistgainz. People have tried to start this back up and it never follows thru! It only takes 4 people min to start game shouldnt be hard right?! join! ty!

28-Mar-2017 23:51:40

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As far as I know, my friends chat Heist4Fun is the only active friends chat for Heist.

Unfortunately, there is currently a bug in the game that affects Heist and makes it virtually impossible to play.
This bug still hasn't been fixed after more than 2 months, even though Jagex is aware of it.
friends chat: Heist4Fun (^)
. . .
clan: The Kazans (^)

14-Dec-2017 15:07:59

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