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Current locations of penguins on World 71:

1 point

1. Dorgesh-Kaan - Barrel

- Confined to area: currently trapped in the northwestern room with Oldak
Quest requirement: Complete Death to the Dorgeshuun

2. Draynor Manor - Crate

- Trapped inside Draynor Manor pantry, room south of the kitchen
* Please keep the door closed *

3. Port Khazard - Barrel

- Trapped in the southern cooking building in Port Khazard
* Please close the door, thank you *

4. Observatory - Crate

- Trapped inside the south wing of Ardougne Castle
* Please keep the doors closed *

5. Southern Desert - Cactus - 1 Point


2 points

6. Southern Desert (T.A.R.D.I.S) - Cactus

- One of these is trapped inside L-shaped building south of Sumona in Pollnivneach
* Please close the curtain *

- Other one is trapped inside Nardah Mayor's house, east of the fountain
* Please spy from outside of its' room *

7. Ape Atoll - Bush

- Confined to inside town / gate: trapped inside agility hut
Quest requirement: Start Monkey Madness

8. Jatizso - Rock

- Confined to area: trapped inside the food hall in Jatizso town
Quest requirement: Start Fremennik Isles

9. South of Prifddinas (Tirannwn Elfland) - Rock

-Confined: east of the Prif guards, east of leaf trap
Quest requirement: Start Regicide

10. Elf Camp (Northern Tirannwn Elfland) - Toadstool

- Confined: SE of the log balance to Elf Camp
Quest requirement: Start Regicide

11. Mos Le'Harmless - Barrel

- Confined to area: last spotted on the east town wall
Quest Requirement: Complete Back to the Freezer

Additional spy after completing Hunt for Red Raktuber:

The polar bear (1 point) is inside

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