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.....take it's sweet time being found anywhere in RS....

It has been frustrating in trying to sort out what if any pattern happens with the ghost penguin but with so much that I have seen and witnessed with this guy it is difficult at best to make a logical and well thought out confirmation.

....So heads up - I figured it was about time that some real headway start on this hypothesis;
at times it seems like there is a real thought in how / when and where he pops up and at other times it seems like the reset with the ghost penguin he continues on his merry way.

Any thoughts and observations on this would be greatly appreciated.
Due to the lack of any response on another thread; and certain attitudes I decided to remove my comments from that thread and post on here; just wanted you all to know that there has been some observations that are being noticed and written down.

Before anyone asks = No I will not be on at reset real life events have to come first.

Good Luck and lets figure this guy out.....

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Hey Secretwishes, thanks for sharing your groups observations.
Personally I've not investigated the Ghost Penguin patterns so can't add anything to the discussion but it is nice to see you are trying to and have shared your discoveries this far with us. The Whisperers thank you for doing that :).
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World 71 locations

1 pointers

1. Mage Training Arena - Bush

- Trapped in the house with cooking range, southeast of Blue Moon Inn in Varrock
* Please spy from a distance and close doors *

2. Lighthouse - Rock

- Confined to Lighthouse island

3. Witchaven - Rock

- Trapped inside Rellekka cow pen
* Please spy over the fence *

4. Feldip - Rock

- Trapped inside Seers' Village anvil building, west of the bank
* Please spy from a distance *

5. Southern Desert - Cactus

- Last spotted to the east of Dominion Tower

2 pointers

6. Southern Desert - Cactus

- Trapped inside Nardah herblore shop, east of the bank
* Please spy from outside of its' room *

7. Piscatoris - Crate

- Last spotted inside Memorial of Guthix

8. Neitiznot - Rock

- Confined to the town island
Quest requirement: Start Fremennik Isles

9. Neitiznot - Bush

- Confined to the green island north of town
Quest requirement: Start Fremennik Isles

10. Mos Le'Harmless - Barrel

- Confined to Mos Le'Harmless, last spotted on the west town wall
Quest requirement: Complete Cabin Fever

11. Canifis - Bush

- Trapped inside the northwest room of Fenkenstrain's Castle
* Please spy from outside of its' room *
Quest requirement: Complete Back to the Freezer

Additional spy after completing Hunt for Red Raktuber:

polar bear
(1 point) is inside

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1 pointers

5. Southern Desert - Cactus

- ON WORLD 76, he is at Nardah herb shop

so grab the 2 pointer on world 71 and quick hop =D
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Neverland, just off to the left of Lunar Isle and only a quest away

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