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Casual INC

Casual INC

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Looking for an active drama free clan? Look no further

We are a laid back group with an active core of members. We are looking to take on a few new members. We do not plan on growing too big, as I feel small clans can bring create tighter bonds between its members. The clan is all about supporting each other.

We do a fair share of PVM (bossing). We do not have a level requirement to get into the clan, however we do have level recommendations to kill specific bosses. As a clan we should be supporting each other to make sure that we can all someday kill endgame bosses.

If you don’t boss, that is okay. Skilling together or just having a good conversation is fun too!

Clan name: Casual Business
Clan world: 9
Clan time zone: Most of our members are from eastern time zone, hence most of our events are based around eastern time zone schedules. please be aware when you join.
Citadel: Capping is not required, but is appreciated. We do ask that people visit the citadel once a week for our "visitor count" though.

To keep peace in the clan, we do have a set of rules.

No Begging
No excessive bragging, humbleness goes a long way
Don’t cause drama
Follow runescape rules
The clan is small, but successful. Sadly, kicking people who don’t abide by rules is a necessary part of good leadership. Please follow the rules!

Guest in clan chat and ask for an invite if you are interested.

23-Aug-2018 17:41:56

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