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I support Whoa Nelly.

As a relatively new member to RS3 and to this clan (a few months for both) I have experienced nothing but a very welcoming and informative group, who have been very helpful in my transition from OSRS.

Here is an incident that occurred recently that speaks to the character of many who are in this clan. We recently had a member who had been hacked and numerous members donated their own items and such to get him going again. That is the type of clan that I am happy to associate myself with.

03-Nov-2018 23:44:10

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I support Whoa Nelly

I have been apart of this clan for a couple of months now and is a great group of people to be around. Whoa Nelly is a great, genuine leader for this clan. I can not see Nelly falsely accusing or kicking anyone from the clan other than them being toxic or being disrespectful and trying to take someone from the clan.

03-Nov-2018 23:48:38

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I've been a casual business member for several months now but it's felt like I've been a part of the family more than that. Reason being, I was a guest for 6 months prior to joining, while I was in my old clan that was unfortunately dying out. These ladies and gents took me in with open arms and have since taught me ed1/2, which I had never had the opportunity to do so in the past. I've seen this clan grow and continue to do so; in pvm, Skilling and the bonds we make.

Whoa Nelly and the Casual Business fam, I Support You!!!

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I can say as an existing member i have been in this clan for a long time and as far as i can tell this clan has been very helpful and supportive and when my time was right i was promoted in the clan and fully support Whoa Nelly.

04-Nov-2018 00:24:15

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I have known nelly and broke for over a year now and back then i guested in their cc for a long time ( a year). They were super nice and friendly to me, giving me boss trips such as nex aod, elite dungeons 1 and 2 etc. With their help and support, i made the decision to join and become part of the clan. Within a few months of the clan, i rose thought to the ranks to become a key holder. It was a nice feeling, But i cannot comment on the above events because i was offline at the time, But, after reading about it and seeing both sides of the stories, It became quite clear.

I will say this, This clan was a second family to me for a year, after that year, it became my family. I was able to learn roles (tanking and such) that i had never done before. They helped me expand my bossing knowledge with plenty of tips and tricks.

As a clan member, i will support Nelly and anyone else in the clan.

We also support the new clan members by handing out advice from something as small as gear setups to what perks to put on their armors to learning boss rotations, By doing this, we can all learn our strength and weaknesses and work on improving them.

Sorry that you're first hand experience was not an enjoyable one, but it would be the same if (hypothetical speaking) one of us were asking about clan founders and such. So yeah, what goes around comes around.

Peace out.
Ps: I don't use the forums much :P


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Whoa Nelly
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Whoa Nelly

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sorry trueskilla1 and cd113m5b, its been a busy week i forgot to check forums. I added you in game and ill pm you guys when u log in. My appologies for getting back to you guys so late.

17-Nov-2018 14:07:39

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