Assassins of Asgarnia 70+ T13

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«Statistics Portion»
†Preferred Name: crovera23
†F2P or P2P: F2P (Possibly P2P)
†Total Level: 1163
†Combat Level: 89
†Constitution Level: 73
†Attack Level: 72
†Strength Level: 74
†Defense Level: 71
†Ranged Level: 48
†Magic Level: 64
†Summoning Level: 16
†Highest Noncombat Skills: 83
*99's: -
†Fighting Style (Mage, Range, Melee): Melee and Mage
†Do you have access to Ancients/Lunars? (specify which): I don't know what are those

«Personal Portion»
¤Gender (Optional): Male
¤Timezone: UMT+7
¤Goals while in the clan?: Find lots of comrades and explore RS3
¤Favorite Activity?: Anything as long as there's crowd
¤How often will you check/use the thread?: Often enough
¤Reason for applying?: I need clan because I feel so quiet playing alone
¤Who referred you to our clan? (if applicable): None, just saw your thread
¤How active do you expect to be?: Expected to play every day. I played every Monday - Friday
¤Past clanning experience?: I forgot, my clan dismissed in 2011
¤(Personality Type) I view myself as... (optional): an optimistic
¤Describe yourself! (optional): I played RS3 couple weeks ago after roughly 8 years, and it's been really fun playing it again.
¤Key words: Optimistic, gamer, socialize
¤By signing my name here, I promise to follow ALL clan rules, and understand I am subject to punishment shall I break them: crovera23

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