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Good day!

In the past I held an interview thread in which I could interview various members of the W83 POCs (past and present) to get their perspectives on events and their history within the community. Since I'm currently having to grind from 97 to 126 combat on 07 scape I figured I'd bring this back to pass the time. I had to let it fall by the wayside last time because I was busy leading the Kingdom of Varrock, but I have no such restraint now!

If you would like to be interviewed feel free to leave a message on this thread or PM me; alternatively I will seek you out. Don't feel "unworthy" if you have held any sort of position in a POC or been in one for awhile I'd be interested in interviewing you. Along with that, even if we have a poor past history I'd still be willing to interview you and be civil (though I'm sure most of you wouldn't want to speak with me). Just think of this as an opportunity to share your story and give your perspective. There's no room for political correctness here, just your opinion no holds barred.

Without further adieu feel free to read on!

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Frankle Bear
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Frankle Bear

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I had played an old game called Utopia for years. The game was dying so I figured it was time to try something new. Runescape turned up in a google search pretty quick. Bought membership after like 10 min of play so was hooked pretty quickly. Zirak Kingdom

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