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Welcome to the thread of the Cerulean Crown Remnant (CCE), established in May 2009 as the Cerulean Commonwealth, it was primarily the overarching system that dominanted colonies, and later Qui States that were acquired or splintered from the United Kingdom of Catherby.

However, under the watchful eye of the great Kaiserin, Kylantha I & IV, the Imperial Runescape Empire has once again achieved dominance over the petty, warring kingdoms and shall unify the Qui peoples once more under a Remnant of the former Commonwealth.

°¯¥¥¯°Imperial Leadership°¯¥¥¯°

¤Founder of the Commonwealth: King Kiru Yamana 1st (United Kingdom of Catherby)

¤Kaiserin: Kaiserin Kylantha I & IV of the Imperial Runescape Empire (Reign: 3 years, 109 days)

¤Reichkanzler: Kittykins22, of the Cerulean Crown Remnant

¤Vice-Reichkanzler: Moonbeamm of the Imperial Runescape Empire

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