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Fire Vulpix
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Fire Vulpix

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Welcome to the Forbidden Magicks recruitment thread! We have a whole new clan thats looking for new and active members! There are no requirements (skills, combat, capping, etc). The only thing we ask is you remain mature, loyal, and active.

Capping is a plus, not a must!

We've just been created due to dictatorships, ranks not knowing how to be ranks, and just overall clans that cannot function well.
As I've stated we are new so we should be having an ava up very soon!

Homeworld: 100
Keywords: Open to all, 24/7, Mature, Social, help & questions, bossing, pvm, pvp, all skills

If you're interested and perhaps would like to get to know and become one of the family then feel free to message myself, Fire Vulpix, as well as my dep owner, Cozzini! Hope to see you there when we become a top tier clan! Note: I can be found in w100 NW GE to anyone interested also.
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01-Mar-2017 17:40:37

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Duplicate thread closed. Please remember that to be fair to all clans, each clan should only have one recruitment thread, posted in the forum that is the best fit for the clan, based either on requirements or activities.

This Forum is for clans that have a minimum combat level requirement for joining. As your does not, [qfc id= 290-291-868-65886834]your thread[/qfc] that was moved to the Recruitment - Social & Community Clans Forum is the better placed, so please continue to use that thread.

Good luck :)

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