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We are a PvM-oriented clan, looking for new members. Since this is a new clan, capping is highly desired, although not required, those who will cap can ask any of the Deputy Owners and/or Owner for 1M (the capping reward).

We have a Discord which is highly active. The avatar will normally be located either on a officer, or held w85 CA. Information to join will be provided upon joining if asked.

Clan Rules

• Don't bash people for not knowing things in the game.
• Vulgarities are allowed in the CC and Discord.


We have a couple of events planned, information can be found through asking Owners, or checking via Discord, anyone is allowed to host a clan event.


This clan is open to all to enter, just guest into the clan or message any of the owners about an invite.


• Blinken
• SneakyScythe

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Read me First!Thread Thread is sticky at top of forum
Quick find code: 94-95-89-65569247

Wrong Forums this is for people to say what type of clan they are looking for and clan leaders to invite

What type of clan are you
So if your clan is a Social community clan post here 290-291
Recruitment – 100 Combat and over 92-93

You are Welcome To Be our Guest in # GLAD2BHELP

# No swearing Rule To try and stop clan Drama we ask that everyone respects each other
This also applys in our Teamspeak chat

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SneakyScythe, welcome to the forums. :)

As mentioned above, there is a number of different clan recruitment forums, where players can post a thread, to find more members. As your thread seems better suited to this forum, it has relocated here.

Looking forward to seeing you post again.

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