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UP Axegila

UP Axegila

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If you are looking for a clan which would be well organised, would have friendly, social members or that would host daily events, wait no more. I have a perfect solution for you. We are the "Red Herrings" clan. It is a mix of f2p and p2p players. In total we have 433 players at the moment. Every week we host daily events, such as skilling events, hide and seek, zombie apocalypse and etc... We have a total of 10-12 different events we try hosting. Also there are some bossing groups in our clan, some people go pk together. We have tier 4 citadel, in few weeks we will be getting tier 5 citadel. We ask for help in citadel, but we don't beg for it and it is your choice if you want to help or not in the clans citadel. Also we have discord with 236 people in there. In discord we try chatting together, in general having fun. As well there is a lot of info posted there about our events, screenshots. Also we have some different discord events like "art event" or lottery event where you are able to win big prizes. One more thing I have to mention that our clan tries to kick inactives(people that doesn't log or skill for a month is going to be kicked, unless they say that they will take a brake or be on vacation). That's why our clan is really active and all day clan chat is going on with different topics, which some of them doesn't even include runescape things. By the way the clan has about 50 people with RH(Red herrings) tag in front of the name. Every day the number of people with Rh tags are growing. Last but not least, we try to welcome everyone and try to bring new clan member to a clan not just to be "some random member" but to include him to our Red Herrings family. I guess if anyone has some questions, ask right away here, I will try to respond to all of your questions. Or just pm me for more details. And I hope I will see at least few new members joining our clan.

24-Nov-2017 23:58:11

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Hi RH Axegila and welcome to the forums. :)

To be fair to all clans who wish to use the clan recruitment forums, a clan is only permitted to have a single recruitment thread open at any given time. At the time of writing this post, your clan has a thread posted each of the clan recruitment forums (and the other clan forums that aren't for recruitment).

After reviewing the content which you have posted, it appears your clan is mainly a social & community clan, hence your thread in the Social & Community Clans forum fits best for recruiting. That thread has been left open, while the rest have now been closed.

While a clan can only have a single recruitment thread, they can have a 'discussion thread' (which isn't for clan recruitment, but for hosting any public clan discussions about your clan) in the Clan Home forum. Clans may also post on the threads of players who are looking for a clan in the Looking for a Clan forum, but that forum isn't for hosting a recruitment thread - only for players who are looking for a clan to post and clans to stop by and leave information about their clan.

All the best as you continue to use the forums.

25-Nov-2017 01:34:03

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