«†» The Arcane Kingdom «†»

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,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† The Arcane Kingdom †¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,

“Fuelled by the desire to create a kingdom that will rival those of the Golden Ages of past, The Arcane Kingdom rises once more, to serve as a safe haven for all those who pledge their loyalty to it.

With your head raised high, you walk into Ardougne to help forge a kingdom that will last forever, and rewrite history as we know it.”

°ï¦ï° Welcome to The Arcane Kingdom’s recruitment thread! °ï¦ï°

The Arcane Kingdom is a POC (Player owned city) clan. This means that we claim land in game, and behave like an actual kingdom. Few people have been part of a POC, but most of those who do always remain part of the community! TAK has something for everyone: experienced boss hunters and slayers can join The Arcane Knights, those with an interest in player versus player experiences and strategy will enjoy the Military and prosect of wars between POC's. Those who are interested in politics and diplomacy can join the Embassy or the Domestic Bureau, and for the most ambitious and dedicated there's the prospect of joining our Monarchy. Of course, there is no requirement join and it's up to you if you want to join any of the branches. We are a tight knit and laid back community, and if you are looking for a family to call your own, look no further.

°ï¦ï° Basic Information °ï¦ï°

«†» Homeworld: 103
«†» Citadel Tier: 2 + Avatar
«†» Monarchs: Queen Fiqs
«†» Clan Chat: The Arcane Kingdom
«†» War Record: 1W, 1L
«†» Clan Treasury: 22 Million GP

«†» First Age: Founded in 2007 as 'The Arcane Knights', disbanded in 2010.
«†» Second Age: Recreated on the 24th of June, 2015

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*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† Table of Contents *¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*

°ï¦ï° Page One: The Basics °ï¦ï°

« I » Introduction
« II » Table of Contents
« III » Government
« IV » Kingdom Laws
« V » What is a POC?
« VI » Joining Application
« VII » Clan Meetings
« VIII » Clan Chat Ranks
« IX » Foreign Relations
« X » Royal Lineage

°ï¦ï° Page Two: Detailed Information °ï¦ï°

« I » Land Claims
« II » Land Claims
« III » The Monarchy
« IV » The Military
« V » The Military
« VI »The Embassy
« VII » The Domestic Bureau
« VIII » The Arcane Intelligence Agency
« IX » Housing
« X » Families

°ï¦ï° Page Three: History and Lore °ï¦ï°

« I » Hall of Legends
« ll » Hall of Legends
« III » History: First Age
« IV » History: First Age
« V » History: First Age
« VI » History: Second Age
« VII » History: Second Age
« VIII » History: Second Age

°ï¦ï° Page Four: Other °ï¦ï°

« I » The Declaration of Universal Heritage
« II » Friends and Outlaws
« III » Invitation Letter
« IV » Applicants on cooldown
« V » Inactive members
« VI » Clan Treasury

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»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† Governance †¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«

°ï¦ï° The Monarchy °ï¦ï°

«†» King:
«†» Queen: Fiqs

«†» Prince: Hollisterune
«†» Princess:

°ï*ï* The Government °ï¦ï°

The Arcane Knights:
«†» Commander: Val(a)r Blade
«†» Captain:

The Embassy:
«†» Consul General:
«†» Assistant Consul:

The Domestic Bureau:
«†» Director: Hollisterune (acting)
«†» Co-Director: FunkyChicken

«†» Chairman of the Arcane Intelligence Agency: Youyou
«†» Forum Administrator: Youyou

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ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† Kingdom Laws †¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ

«†» We no longer have an official set of laws; however, you should be able to use your common sense to determine what is right or wrong. Swearing is fine as long as it isn't directed at anyone and isn't offensive towards a specific group of people. Discussion of politics and religion isn't banned but it is discouraged, and if any member of the clan is offended by it you must stop and take it elsewhere. If this isn't followed then actions will be taken by higher ranks in the chat.

«†» No requirements for being in the clan (although you are less likely to get ranked if you are inactive). Capping in the citadel and attending events isn't mandatory but is strongly recommended.

«†» Coordinator+ have the power to mute/temporary kick after a warning has been given. Removal from the clan must be agreed upon by the royals.

«†» If you feel you have been unfairly banned you may call for a jury. The Jury will consist of members ranked Lieutenant+ in addition to the Royals. You will have the opportunity to argue your case and although the Royal family has the power to override the jury's decision this will rarely ever happen.

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ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† What is a POC? †¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ

POC stands for Player Owned City, and consists of a large community of long-standing clans. This is a group of clans that claim land, the clan is then based around the role-play of that territory. The ranks and roles within the clan are notably different to other clans, often with a royal family and role-play oriented departments. A POC's land is usually an indicator of their standing in the POC world, aswell as which world they have claimed the land on. Wars between clans are often disputed over land claims.

°ï¦ï° FAQ's °ï¦ï°

« Q » Do I have to role-play?
« A » Nope! The only role-play that you can't avoid in a POC are the names of the positions in the clan. POC's used to be much more role-play based but over time this has become less vital to the clans, and dwindled down to just the structuring of the clan. These role-play based ranks make POC's so unique to be a part of though.

« Q » If there's a war, what happens?
« A » Clan leaders will declare war and a date will be decided between them, usually giving a few weeks to prepare. You don't have to attend the war to stay in the clan but if your clan loses the war it will suffer for it. The defeated clan must hand over some of their land claims to the opposing clan. Wars can create swings in loyalty of clanmembers and cause a divide in the POC community.

« Q » How serious is it?
« A » Being in a POC is no more serious than any other clan. POC's may be more complex than other clans but they're also typically a close-knit community of loyal and helpful players. How seriously you take your responsibilities to the clan is entirely up to you, and will be reflected in your rank. Climbing the ranks to become a leader is considered more difficult than in other clans.

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,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† Citizenship Application †¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,

Please fill this out if you are interested in joining the Kingdom. An Advisor+ rank will review it as soon as possible and invite you in-game should you be accepted. Forum applications are required to become a full citizen of the Kingdom.

°ï¦ï° Citizenship Application °ï¦ï°

«†» Name:
«†» Gender (If you prefer to state it):
«†» Total Level:
«†» Combat Level:
«†» How did you find The Arcane Kingdom?:
«†» Will you be active and try to contribute to the Citadel at least twice a month?:
«†» If you are on cooldown period, when will you able to join clans?:
«†» Are you currently banned from any clans?:
«†» Previous POC experience (optional):
«†» Anything else you would like us to know (optional):

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*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† Clan Meetings †¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*

General clan meetings take place biweekly and all citizens of the Kingdom are encouraged to attend. They will include announcements and kingdom-wide discussions. Any citizen will be able to raise a topic they wish to discuss with the clan.

«†» The next general meeting will take place on: TBA

Government meetings take place every week; the monarchy and government meet to discuss important matters and decisions. These meetings will be held whenever possible for all government members to attend.

Important notes from meetings will always be listed here. If you missed a meeting but would like to discuss something on the notes below then get in touch with a member of the government.

«†» Previous Meeting Notes:

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ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† Clan Chat Ranks †¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ

The following is a list of ranks and their descriptions. Ranking up can be achieved by a variety of factors including forum and in-game activity, attending events and capping. Ranks of Admin and above you must be selected for by the Monarchy, this will be decided based a much wider breadth of factors.

«†» Owner: King/Queen (the senior-most of the two)

«†» Deputy Owner: King/Queen

«†» Overseer: Prince and Princes

«†» Coordinator: Branch Leaders

«†» Organiser: Branch Second in Command

«†» Admin: Royal Advisor

«†» General: Hall of Legends members
These are individuals who are or have been a vital part to the clan and it's history.

«†» Captain: Veteran active citizens of the Kingdom
Go above and beyond what is required of required of them. May often be a part of a government department, and highly active in their position.

«†» Lieutenant: Active citizens of the Kingdom
They will regularly cap, attend events and post on the forums. Eligible to sit in jury.

«†» Sergeant: Active citizens of the Kingdom
They will be seen online and talking in the chat, occasionally getting involved in the clan.

«†» Corporal: Newest citizens of the Kingdom
You may also stay at this rank if you're not particularly active in the clan.

«†» Recruit: Mute Rank/Probationary Citizen
You will be given this rank if you break a rule, and citizens who have yet to apply.

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ˆ*»,¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† Foreign Relations †¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸,«**

Only the King and Queen can accept alliance applications, after consultation with the
Minister of External Affairs.

°ï¦ï° Alliance Application °ï¦ï°

Clan name:
Age of Clan:
Number of Members:
Forum QFC:
Why do you wish to ally us?

°ï¦ï° Allies °ï¦ï°

«†» The Fremennik:
Leaders: Jor Ulƒrsson and Elarinya
QFC: 93-94-717-65607282
World: 60
Diplomat from: Mithknight65
Diplomat to: Almer
Date Established: 25/6/15

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*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤† Royal Lineage †¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¤†¤¸,«*ˆ*»,¸¸,«*ˆ*

Late 2007 - Early 2008: King Youyou ~ King Frogwarts

Early 2008 - Mid 2008: King Youyou ~ King Frogwarts ~ Queen Jexx

Mid 2008 - May 2009: Queen Jexx ~ King Youyou

May 2009 - 2010: King Youyou

25th of June 2015 - 26th of July 2015: King Youyou ~ Queen Riomii

27th of July 2015 - 17th of August: King Youyou

17th of August - Present: Queen Fiqs

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