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King Serafis
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King Serafis

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My clan is the Tempest Shades we've been around since Citadels were created and we're currently looking to add to our family. Everyone in my clan respects each other as well as tries to help each other progress in their adventures.

I have always been the leader of my clan. So I want to explain a bit about myself. Not to be too up myself but I'm one of the unique selling points of my clan. I care about each of my clan members, and try to always make their day if I have the ability to do so.

My goal in runescape is to find people that are new, knowledgeable, veterans, or otherwise and bring them together.

One of my long standing Goals is to help new players to truly start their adventure to help them fully understand and play the game as much as possible. This is because a Lovely gentleman once met me in Lumbridge in my first few days of playing the game and he asked me if I was new to the game and if he could help me. He proceeded to explain various things you can do in the game and set me up with a few items I would need to actually progress in the game, hatchets, pickaxes etc. Back when it wasn't as easy to obtain this type of gear without earning money.

He set me up and went on his way after spending a few hours with me. Since that day I've invested my time in trying to help others in similar situations.

My Clan is a Family we all have spent so much time around each other that we've genuinely found affection for one and other, and we hope that each new member will eventually feel the same.

I prefer speaking to people in game, so add me and say hello, you can also comment on the forum which would help this post be seen by more people.

Thanks for your time.
Kind Regards

09-Nov-2017 21:04:17

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