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Whoa Nelly

Whoa Nelly

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Hey Guys!

About us
Clan world: 62

In Kalphite Hive, we play to help one another from skilling to PVM! We are all a team. My Co-Owner and I are tired of the salty and sometimes “toxic” Runescape community and have designed a Clan for helping others and bringing people together. We have a wide range of combat levels ranging from low 70’s to Max Combat (138) and try to make events that encompass these range of levels. Keeping an active conversation and keeping everyone involved is big in this clan. Besides a citadel upgrade, which is very rare (we are doing first one in 6 months)….there are no mandatory clan events. People wise, we have a very down-to-earth crowd and strive to keep it that way. We do not tolerate any jerks! They will be kicked no exceptions. (I don’t log in after work to deal with B.S)

What do we do? (NOTHING MANDATORY)
Events are posted every week on the clan noticeboard. Information regarding the specific event can be found on the clan vexillum and on the noticeboard.

Divine Locations – Everyday at 00:00 Game Time world 62 Catherby bank (easy experience and money)

Skilling Events - We try to keep track of the most up to date skilling xp/hour rates, if you ever have any questions please be sure to ask us!

Boss Mass – Saturdays 00:30 Game Time world 62 Boss changes every week
Citadel – Fridays 00:30 Game time

Reaper Tasks – If someone needs help with a reaper just let us know in clan chat, the keys are doing the best they can to take people daily on their tasks.

Spur of the moment – This is our major goal in this clan, have a community that encourages people to hang out with each other through unofficial events. Go out and PVM or skill with clan mates!

What bosses do we do?
Currently the key ranks are learning Rise of the Six, Vorago and Raids. All other bosses are available! Don’t be afraid to ask People!

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Whoa Nelly

Whoa Nelly

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About us cont.

Currently we only keep our citadel alive for the clan avatar. We are working on upgrading it slowly as we increase the clan size. The only time we require capping is during a week that we are going for a tier upgrade……which is super rare. Also when we run the capping event….there will be give always and drop parties to make it tolerable.

Citadel Goal – Tier 3 with 2 avatars, one avatar to take out of home world.

Perks of joining our clan
Keys willing to teach
Easy going people
Clan avatar out for a 3% bonus experience boost

If interested in joining Pop into the clan chat channel “Kalphite Hive” and say hey alternatively pm either: “Whoa Nelly”, “Mummaroo”,“Has Rizen” or “Goldenfishys” for an invitation to our Clan!

Thanks, Whoa Nelly and Mummaroo

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