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King Volcano

King Volcano

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Hey Ulatheg :) I'm the clan owner of the clan The Enduring :)

- Clan requirement 2200+ total unless you are a "alt, ironman, or pure skiller then 75m total xp"

- Active Discord and Active Clan Chat (250 + Active Clan Members)

- Three Avas always out and a Tier 7 Citadel (Homeworld 44 but you can use any world)

- People all over the world (Majority is Usa/Canada/Australia) But we have some Europeans too but people on an hour of the day/night

- We have events like bossing, dung, minigames, and contests

- Capping/Events are optional you choose what u want to do

*Pm me in game if im not online then guest in our clan channel and pm one of our Admins+ for more information*

20-Jan-2019 14:50:36

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